Marble is one of the most attractive building materials available. It’s been used throughout the ages in palaces, castles, and mansions. It is now more affordable and used in family homes and in businesses to add a touch of elegance.

Along with its luxurious appeal, marble is extremely hard wearing, and will last for many, many generations. Its versatility means it can be used in a wide range of settings, including fireplaces, facings, ornamental finishing, walls, along with kitchen benches and counter tops.

Marble’s natural depth and exquisite character cannot be matched by any man-made surface, and over the years marble has become synonymous with elegance.

  • Bianco Carrara
  • Calacatta White
  • Calacatta Marble
  • Italian Snow White Marble



Granite’s versatility and performance makes it a very popular natural stone and countertop material.

Granite is the second hardest stone, and is believed to have been formed as much as 300 million years ago. It polishes beautifully, does not fade, is almost maintenance free, easy to clean, and is one of the most beautiful counter top materials available.

It can withstand very high temperatures and when properly installed is virtually indestructible.

Granite is composed primarily of feldspar, mica and quartz. It can also contain some muscovite, biotite, pyroxene, hornblende, and other minerals. It is these minerals that give granite its various colours.

  • Black Galaxy
  • Blue Pearl
  • Titanium Grey
  • Titanium Gold

Engineered Stone

Engineered Stone is a composite slab stone. It is made up of approximately 90% crushed Quartz stone, which is bound together by a polymer resin.

Engineered Stone may also contain other materials, such as colored glass, shells, metals, or mirrors, which can be added for aesthetic reasons.

It can be used in the same places as Granite and Marble, but it is primarily chosen for kitchen and bathroom counter tops.

Engineered Stone is more resilient than slab stone, with better stain-resistance properties as it is non-porous, plus it is very hygienic.

  • Diamond White
  • Diamond Black
  • Snow White
  • Platinum Grey
  • Platinum Black


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